How far in advance should I schedule the transport of my vehicle?

It is best to contact us as soon as possible. We have auto transport trucks delivering vehicles all over the country. As soon as we have your information, we are able to start planning for your move.

What issues might result in extra fees?

Many car types fall into the same quoting range. A nominal fee can be expected if your vehicle is inoperable, oversized or modified. Please inform us of these conditions prior to arrival of the truck so we can have the proper equipment available to deliver your car safely. Additional fees must be paid prior to transport.

How do I get a quote?

You may call, e-mail, fax us your information or use our online form for a free and instant quote. We will need the zip codes of both the origin and destination of your request and contact information for you.

How long is the quoted price available?

The quote is good for 7 days.

How is insurance handled?

You need insurance on the vehicle prior to transport. Any loss due to theft or damage that occurs due to an “act of God” will fall under your policy. The carrier’s policy is in force only in situations where damage is the direct result of the driver’s negligence.

How do I prepare my vehicle?

The following will make the move of your vehicle a more pleasurable experience:

  • Car Wash:

    In order to expedite origin inspection by your carrier, please provide the vehicle in clean condition. This allows for quick and fair evaluation of the vehicle prior to shipment, and establishes the standard for condition of delivery.

  • Antennas:

    Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas for cell phones or CB radios should also be removed.

  • Keys:

    U.S. Department of Transportation requires that one set of all keys for the vehicle be provided to the carrier, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys.

  • Alarms:

    Alarms should be turned off for transport. If there are special instructions required to start a car in order to disarm the alarm, please inform your Auto Transport Specialists representative or the carrier picking up your car. Auto Transport Specialists is not responsible for drained batteries resulting from an alarm that has not been turned off.

  • Racks:

    Remove any luggage, bike, or ski rack that is not permanently attached to the car.

  • Leaks:

    The vehicle must have no obvious fluid leaks.

  • Battery:

    The vehicle battery must be secure in the mounting bracket.

  • Covers:

    All exterior spare tire covers, grill covers, or car covers must be removed.

  • Pre-existing Conditions:

    Auto Transport Specialists will not be responsible for damage caused by any pre-existing condition or for parts which come loose in the moving process. For example, imperfections in glass (a nick, chip, crack, or other imperfection) often get worse in transport.

  • Climate:

    Make sure your car is prepared for any climate. Replenish coolants, transmission oil, anti-freeze and other fluids, as needed. Auto Transport Specialists is not responsible for preventable damage caused by Acts of Nature.

  • Spoilers:

    Spoilers, fairing, air dams or other low hanging items should be removed, or sufficient clearance assured, to expedite loading on the rail and truck ramps.

  • Caps/Canopies:

    Caps and canopies on pickup trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure safe delivery.

  • Personal Items:

    Do NOT leave or transport anything valuable in your vehicle. Auto Transport Specialists is not responsible for anything loose inside your car, including cell phones, radar detectors, garage door openers, E-Z Pass, removable radios, household goods, sunglasses, etc. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibits the carrying of personal items on a truck licensed only for carrying automobiles. Stored personal items can also increase the overall weight of your vehicle, and could cause damage during transport. Any items left in the vehicle are subject to removal upon inspection at state lines by the DOT.

  • Gas:

    The gas tank must have a minimum of 1/8 tank of fuel, but no more than 1/2 tank of fuel.

How do I prepare my motorcycle?

The following will make the move of your motor a more pleasurable experience:

  • Drain the fuel tank:

    Please get the fuel level as low as possible prior to shipment to prevent leaks.

  • Remove all personal belongings:

    Please make sure that all personal belongings are removed from saddlebags, under-seat storage and any other storage compartments.

  • Secure all accessories:

    Please make sure that all accessories (saddlebags, windshields, etc.) are secured to the motorcycle. We only ship helmets if they are secured to the motorcycle.

  • Special requirements:

    Please notify us at the time you request your quote if your motorcycle over 8 ft. long, or has a sidecar or custom modifications that require special attention.

Whether a ramp or a lift gate is used to place your motorcycle onto the trailer, your motorcycle will be secured either to it’s own pallet or to the trailer floor directly using soft ties. The front wheel may be placed in a non marking fork to additionally secure the unit.

How soon will the car be picked up and delivered?

We strive to have your vehicle move complete within 8-10 days of booking the appointment. However, factors like the weather, traffic issues and mechanical breakdowns may cause unavoidable delays, so we can’t offer a guarantee. We know this vehicle is important to you and we strive to provide you with a realistic time frame for both pick-up and delivery.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

We strive to provide door-to-door service to the addresses you have provided. There are cases where our drivers must meet you at a nearby location such as a parking lot. This can occur if you live on a narrow street, cul-de-sac or if there are low tree branches. Also, there are weight restrictions and other local laws that can create the need to meet at an alternative location.

Do I need to be present when the car is picked up or delivered?

Yes, you or somebody you have designated will need to be present. Our drivers will perform an inspection of the vehicle and will need a signature on this and the bill of lading.

How will I know when you will arrive to pick up or deliver my vehicle?

Auto Transport Specialists will stay in contact with you throughout your transaction. Not only will our office contact you, but the driver will also give you an advanced notice of their arrival.

Who will drive the car onto the transport vehicle?

Insurance rules require that the car be placed on the transport equipment by the transport driver.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cashier Checks, Money Orders and PayPal. Payments must be received in full before we will be able to deliver your car. Dealerships may apply for NetTerms by filling out our credit application.