Like our open carrier auto transport, Auto Transport Specialists also offers you the option of enclosed car shipping. Enclosed auto transport will protect your car from any type of inclement weather or road conditions that may occur during shipping. Our enclosed carriers range in size so no matter what type of car you own we can ship it for you. Enclosed car shipping is highly recommended for the following vehicles:

-Antique Cars
-Exotic Cars
-Custom Cars

You value your car, so protect your investment with our high quality transport service.

Our most common & economical method of vehicle transportation. Once you have completed all the paperwork involved with your transport, we will schedule an estimated pickup window based upon the availability date you provided. Auto Transport Specialists will assign a truck and you will then be e-mailed an estimated date for pickup and delivery.

Our drivers are instructed to contact the customer 12-24 hours in advance to give a more precise time that your automobile will be shipped and to also go over specific directions. The driver will do an inspection of your vehicle when they arrive for pick up on a Bill of Landing. Both the customer and the driver will sign the Bill of Landing and the same will occur at the point of delivery. Auto Transport Specialists will always keep you informed during the automobile shipping process.

You will always know where your automobile carrier is at all times and have an estimated time of delivery. We do ask that you make yourself available around the time of pickup so we are able to load your vehicle and stay on our schedule as well. If you cannot be there to pick up your automobile, you may assign that responsibility to someone else and we ask that you provide us with that information prior to delivery.

Auto Transport Specialists is the ideal company to assist you with your Luxury & Exotic car transport. Luxury & Exotic auto transport needs to be handled extremely carefully due to the high value of each vehicle. Auto Transport Specialists is your reliable Luxury & Exotic car transport service, we understand what it takes are passionate about making sure your car arrives in perfect condition.

One of our specialties is working with New & Used Dealerships across the country. Our understanding of the dealer needs combined with outstanding customer service, great prices and flexible payment options makes us the choice for your transport requirements.

Are you looking to transport an antique car? With Auto Transport Specialists you will not have to worry about worrying that your classic car will be damaged or get into any type of accident along the way. Antique car transport needs to be done delicately so that the condition of your car stays intact and does not compromise its value. Auto Transport Specialists will always keep the value of your antique car in mind and will treat your vehicle as if it was our own.

You may also choose to have your antique car transported in one of our enclosed carriers so that you can ensure the safety and protection for any type of inclement weather that may come up during the shipping. We recognize that your car is irreplaceable and will handle it with the utmost respect.

Auto Transport Specialists specializes in enclosed motorcycle moving. Our trailers have special tracks that allow us to secure your bike properly and the drivers are motorcycle enthusiasts, they will take care of your bike as if it is their own.

At Auto Transport Specialists we understand that moving is stressful enough and the last thing you need to worry about is making sure your car arrives on time and in perfect condition. That is why you will get the special attention you deserve during this entire process. You will not have to worry about your vehicle being shipped, let’s us do that for you so you can focus on the other areas of your move.